History and Politics:

6 Essays Resulting from the Chance Encounters with Historic or Political Material

or from Own Observations and Research


Including the following six essays: 

"Henry Villard

(1835 to 1900)
A biography of the Great Journalist, Industrialist, and Abolitionist


On the Peace Confeence of 1919"

A critical comparison of certain records of the Peace Conference of 1919

concluding WWI


"Islam:  The Muslim World and the West"

A Historic Review

Eternal Confrontation or Gradual Accommodation and Reform

Proposals for an Approach


"The Spontaneous Origin of Civilizations in History"

The Natural Origin and Evolution of Cultures, Societies, and Civilizations

Examples:  Peru and Ecuador


"The Decline and Loss of Cultures"

Decline and Disappearance of Native Cultures in Our Time

Example:  The Amazon Area


"Essential Global Concerns"

What Should Be the Most Essential Concerns of our World at this Time?

What to do about them?


Biographical Notes:

Helmut Schwab’s academic training was in the fields of physics and mathematics. He worked in the electronic industry; initially in research and development, later in business related executive functions. For the last twenty years, he concentrated some of his work on the scientific understanding of existence, of all phases of natural evolution, and of the human mind and behavior in terms of neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, cultural influences and own thought, with consequences in the fields of philosophy and theology. He also pursued some historical and political studies;

-- and wrote some short stories.

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