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Concentration on Essential Global Concerns

What should be the most essential concerns of our world at this time

– regarding risks and also opportunities

Global Concerns


The Spontaneous Historic Origin and Evolution of Cultures:
Peru & Ecuador


Decline and Loss of Indigenous Cultures: Amazon


"Henry Villard, 1835-1900"
A biography

Woodrow Wilson on the World Stage

His impact on World War I

and consequences

"The Paris Peace Conference 1919: Woodrow Wilson, Hankey and Mantoux"
Differences in Reporting

 Der 2. Weltkrieg

und Judenverfolgung –

speziell deutsche und persönliche Beobachtungen und Erinnerungen


”Culture” and Migration

The anchors of culture and the

possible influence of recent migration

from the Middle East to Europe


Special Topic:  "Islam: The Muslim World and the West",
Perpetual Jihad or Mutual Restraint and Accommodation, Bilateral Fundamentalism or Gradual Reform. Confrontation or Idea Exchange

“Can Islam Shine Again?”

not released yet

A constructive approach

to benefit the world