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Concentration on Essential Global Concerns

What should be the most essential concerns of our world at this time

– regarding risks and also opportunities

Global Concerns


The Spontaneous Historic Origin and Evolution of Cultures:
Peru & Ecuador


Decline and Loss of Indigenous Cultures: Amazon


"Henry Villard, 1835-1900"
A biography

Woodrow Wilson on the World Stage

His impact on World War I

and consequences

"The Paris Peace Conference 1919: Woodrow Wilson, Hankey and Mantoux"
Differences in Reporting

 Der 2. Weltkrieg

und Judenverfolgung –

speziell deutsche und persönliche Beobachtungen und Erinnerungen


Der Untergang des


“Bismarck”, 1941


”Culture” and Migration

The anchors of culture and the

possible influence of recent migration

from the Middle East to Europe


Special Topic:  "Islam: The Muslim World and the West",
Perpetual Jihad or Mutual Restraint and Accommodation, Bilateral Fundamentalism or Gradual Reform. Confrontation or Idea Exchange

Can Islam Shine Again?

A constructive approach

to benefit the world

(2 Steps)

A Presidential Candidate’s Introduction

The 2016 USA Presidential Elections:

The possible introduction of a candidate


American Democracy

Key points to improve the American democracy


A Suggested Evolving Political World Structure