In the new “awareness of existence”, I first ask about the observed realities, the scientific view of the world around me, about the ultimate substance, structure, and functioning of existence.  The resulting questions are:

*       What does observation indicate about reality?

-        The physical world

-        Life

-        The human mind and human existence


*       Regarding a deeper and possibly transcendental (searching beyond physics) understanding of existence:

-        Is there a controlling force behind the existing world – God, Deus, Allah, the Great Spirit, an unnamable transcendental essence, “X”?

o   What could the observation of the creation of the universe indicate about the creating force, the Creator, God?

o   Is God really the always and still active ruler of evolution and history?

o   Is God personally reachable by human prayer?  Does God ever respond?

o   Is God the ultimate judge of human behavior?  Is there continued life for the “souls” (if there are any “souls”)?

o   What is the image one can have of God when considering all the evil, injustice, cruelty, and waste of lives in the world (the question of “theodicy”)?

-        Is there any meaning or purpose to existence?  

-        Is everything predetermined, or is there freedom of will and action?

-        If there is no God or no controlling and compassionate force in existence, is there still any meaning or purpose in existence and for our lives?


*       In view of the conflicting interpretations of existence by various religions and philosophies, what is my own position? What is the meaning, purpose, and direction to follow in the course of existence?  From such a personal position, what shall I do with my life?