Philosophy, Theology

The Meaning of Life and Truth in Religion-- Science, Philosophy, Theology

The Basic Questions of Human Existence - Meaning, Purpose,  Direction - Peace of Soul and Strength to Act - and the search forTruth in Religion.

Four essays:

by Helmut Schwab 


Meaning of Life, Purpose, Direction””

The perspectives of science and religion, tempered by practical experience and human sensitivity, 1998.


 Sinn des Lebens, Sinn der Existenz, Persönliche Ausrichtung, Werte

Deutsche Ausgabe des vorherigen Aufsatzes


"Science and Religion:
Theology, Astrophysics, and the SETI-Project"

A critical view of Christian theology in the light of advances in the understanding of the universe in terms of astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration, 2000. 
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"Religion: What Is It?  What Should It Be?


"Intelligent Divine Design or Natural Evolution -- An Overview"

-  The concept of "Intelligent  Divine Design"
-  The position of science  concerning  "Intelligent Design"
-  The concerns of  theology with  "Intelligent Design" 


"Intelligent Design" Theory:  A Critical Analysis

An introduction and 5 short articles or "letters" on critical aspects 
of the "Intelligent Design" Theory


Do the Biblical Beatitudes Have Meaning in Our Modern Lives?

Continuity of Western Culture – still offering beneficial guidance?


Die Bedeutung der Seligpreisungen in Unserem Modernen Leben?

Eine mögliche Interpretation – Wegweisung

Kontinuität der westlichen Kultur


Meditations or Prayers

for Believers or Non-Believers


Meditationen oder Gebete

für Gläubige oder Ungläubige


Joy in Life, Art, and Culture

Short stories about the experience of Joy



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Biographical Notes:


Helmut Schwab’s academic training was in the fields of physics and mathematics. He worked in the electronic industry – initially in research and development, later in business related executive functions. For the last eleven years, he concentrated some of his work on the scientific understanding of existence and of the human mind and behavior in terms of neurophysiology, cognitive psychology. He also pursued some historical studies – and wrote some short stories. The clarification of transcendental questions – the meaning or purpose of life and truth in religion – has been a special concern of Helmut Schwab since adolescence. Various earlier drafts of his conclusions resulted in the two essays, one of 1998 and the other one to be released in 2002. 


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