4.  My Position


Our intellectual and emotional capability for understanding will not suffice to clarify the mystery of cosmic existence in the course of time.  One searches for a position that combines the observing thought, the empathetic experience, and the quest for the right direction to act.  In the end, there remains a personal decision where one wants to stand, since a clear conduct of life demands a clear foundation.


I personally believe in an ultimate essence of existence from whence came our universe with its finely tuned natural laws, constants, and principles.  One cannot give a name to this abstract essence, and one cannot understand it.


Our own nature and our lives are anchored in this essence and the resulting Creation.  Our capabilities and our sensitivity resulted from how this universe is structured and functions and, hence, from this essence. 


In the contemplative connection of my being to this essence do I find peace of mind and strength to act.


The contemplative connection to the essence of the universe is a form of appeal to this essence in reaching out – in desperation, in search for compassion, and also in joy and in gratitude.  Such an appeal – or “prayer” – cannot contain the expectation of help. 


The peace of heart comes from the acceptance of one’s own station and fate – to endure the course of the world and to return to Creation again upon death. 


The strength to act comes from the recognition of personal responsibility of humans in this world – the permanent need to act when improvement is possible through own effort, always following the right path.


I am grateful that Christ appeared in the course of this world and gave some moral guidance to our lives.  The words in the prayer “Your Kingdom Come” express the quest for peace in “God” and for a better world – but possibly more so the task given to us by Creation.