Science & Evolution

Evolution: Understanding Our Physical and Mental Existence
Cosmogony, Cosmic Evolution, History of Earth
Origin and Evolution of Life
 – Genomics, Proteomics:  Molecular and Cell Biology
-- Natural Evolution, the Brain
Origin, Evolution, and Function of the Human Mind
– Emotions, Memory, Thought, Recognition, Visualization,

Creativity, Ethics, Personality, Art
Consciousness, Free Will, "Soul", Spirituality, Religion
Origin, Evolution, and Function of Societies, Civilizations, and Cultures
Extraterrestrial Evolutions – Possible Consequences for Us?
The Future of Mankind and the Universe
The Expected End of the Universe
Menaing, Purpose, Direction?
What were the important aspects and steps of evolution?What remains unanswered?
What could be the consequent meaning or purpose of our life?

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Discussion and new interpretations of the most surprising aspects of evolution – abstract cosmogony, the miracle of fields in originating empty space, the “granular” energy structure yielding “particles”, the emergence of the “combinatorial principle”, forces, and natural laws causing the structure and dynamic evolution of the universe, and the complex, probabilistic formation of our Earth, its moon, and its atmosphere – the “Basic Principle of Natural Evolution” causing open-ended development and diversification; from self-replicating "living" molecules, complex “molecular dynamics” with genomics and proteomics within the cell, and resulting natural evolution in diversity, to the reasons for and appearance of cardiovascular sytems and the brain – finally, the evolutionary appearance of mental “visualizations” leading to the origin of the human mind, based on emotions, valuation, and memory providing thought, consciousness, creativity, ethical values, the arts, spirituality, and religion – on another level: the origin, evolution, and function of advanced societies, civilizations and organizations, with hierarchies, politics, commerce, laws, cultures, warfare, and superstructures, and, possibly, a super-brain? – Beyond Earth, does the universe hold other intelligent life?What could that mean to us– Finally, what can happen in the future on Earth and in the universe?The expected end of mankind and the universe.



Part 1: Cosmogony, Cosmic Evolution, Evolution of Earth






1.1.  Cosmogony, Cosmic Evolution: 

1.1.1.  Abstract Beginnings

1.1.2.  First Surprises: Granulation: Strings, Subatomic Particles, Forces,

Diversification and Complexity arise.  The miracle of existence

1.1.3.  The Next Surprise:  The Combinatorial Principle, Evolution Begins: 

The Origin of Atoms and Molecules  

1.1.4.  Order or Chaos – Deterministic or Open-Ended? 

1.1.5.  The “Basic Principle of Evolution” 

1.1.6  Collapsing Clouds: Quasars, Black Holes, Galaxies, Stars

1.1.7  Formation of the Heavy Elements 

1.1.8.  Supernovae, Heavy Dust, Pre-Organic Molecules: Foundation for the Next Step    

1.1.9.  The “Principle of Limits in Development and Branching Progress”: 

The Origin of Planetary Systems, Our Own Solar System   

1.1.10  Some Remaining Mysteries of the Originating Universe  

1.2.  The Origin and Evolution of Earth, the Moon, and the Atmosphere 

1.2.1.  The origin of our “Earth”   

1.2.2.  The origin of the Moon      

1.2.3.  The History of Earth     

1.2.4.  The Early Oceans, the Early Atmosphere, and Climate 

1.2.5.  Resilience in Great Catastrophes    

1.2.6.  Singularities in Earth’s Evolution   



Part 2:The Origin of Life, Natural Evolution, Human Evolution


2.1. The Origin and Evolution of Life and Natural Evolution

2.1.1.Habitable Zones

2.1.2.The Origin of Life

2.1.3.DNA, RNA, Ribosomes, Enzymes, Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates, ATP

2.1.4.Cell Evolution: Genomics, Proteomics, Computational Biology, Epigenetics, Death

2.1.5.The Changing of the Oceans and Atmosphere.Organisms.The Tree of Life

2.1.6.Oxygen, Life Feeding on Life, Mobility, New Functions, the Brain,

Complex “Systems”, Ecological Communities

2.1.7.The Virus – the Sneaky, Parasite, Drop-Out

2.1.8.Further Changes and Interruptions – the Extinctions and New Beginnings


2.2. Human Evolution, the Human Brain

2.2.1.Advances in Animal Development, Mammals, Homo Sapiens

2.2.2.The Human Brain


2.3.Singularities in Natural Evolution and Anomalies in Nature



Part 3:The Human Mind  -- and Beyond; Societies, Extraterrestrial Life, the Future


3.1.  The Origin, Evolution, and Function of the Human Mind

Introduction and Etymology of Concepts

3.1.1.  A New Energy Cycle Leads to Mobility, Sensors

          and Signal Processing for Strategies

3.1.2.  Fundamental Capabilities Leading to the Human “Mind”

          Emotions, Memory, Visualizations

3.1.3. The Basic Functions:  Thought, Creativity, Ethics, Personality, Art

3.1.4. The Abstract or Virtual Functions:

          Consciousness, Free Will, "Soul", Spirituality, Religion


3.2. The Origin, Evolution, and Function of Society, Civilization, and Culture

3.2.1.Another Step of the “Combinatorial Principle”: New Dimensions

3.2.2. Main Dimensions: Hierarchies, Politics, Commerce, Cultures, Warfare, Media

3.2.3.Virtual Societies?Super-Societies?A “Super-Brain”?


3.3.“Intelligent Design Theory”; Plan and Meaning Versus Evolution


3.4.Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence

3.4.1.What Is Life and Intelligence, Intelligent Life on Other Celestial Bodies?

3.4.2.The Minds of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Beings, “Cosmo-Psychology”?

3.4.3. Consequences for Us – Resulting Philosophical-Theological Questions


3.5.The Future

3.5.1.Mankind’s Future?

3.5.2.How does the Future of the Universe Look?How Will It All End?



Closing Comments -- Conclusions --  Personal  Comments


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