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Introduction, Summary, Conclusions
Why these essays were written, their summary & applications, 
a personal conclusions, and the author's key message

Politics  and History

 Short Stories
some serious, 
some poetic,
some humorous,
all human

  Click here: “Our Journey through Time and Existence

   Summary of the key essays – this Website’s Contribution – my Legacy

Origin and evolution, Mind, Meaning/Direction, guidance, support, practical advice,

Joy, Aging and death – Future problems and opportunities for mankind

Science & Evolution

The Human 
Brain & Mind

Philosophy & Theology


Key essay:

The Origin, Evolution, and Future End of our Universe”, material, natural, and mental.


Read the full article Evolution: Understanding our Existence

or select any one of 
8 parts of it: 

- Origin and Evolution of the Universe and Earth


- Origin of Life, Genomics,  Proteomics, Organisms


- Origin and Evolution  of the Human Mind


- Origin and Evolution of Societies , Cultures


- Intelligent Divine Design or Natural Evolution?


- Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Consequences for Us?


-What does the Future hold for Mankind? 

What will the End be? 


- Summary,         

Closing Comments, Conclusions, Personal Comments


Key essay:

The Human Mind”,

the search for  
understanding of the essence of being human: 

2 essays:

- Creative Thought
general reading)
- Mental Creativity

(in terms of the
3 essays:

- Ethics

(an overview)
- Brain, Mind Ethics
(in terms of 

and (!!)

The Structure of Ethical

and Moral Thought


- Personality


- Art, Culture


 About Old Age


Joy about Life, Nature, Art

and a
Special Topic:
Battle Fatigue, PTSD



Key essay:

Meaning, Purpose, and Direction in Life”,

the search for understanding and direction.


German language version:

Sinn des Lebens;

Sinn der Existenz,

Persönliche Ausrichtung,




Harmonizing the views of "Astrophysics and Theology",


German language version:

Religion und Wissenschaft:

Theologie, Astrophysik

und das SETI-Projekt



The Historic Jesus:

in a Geographic and Historical view



The  phenomenon of "Religion, what is it,  what should it be",



An essay on "Intelligent Design Theory vs. Evolution"
an overview




Do The Biblical Beatitudes Have Meaning in Our Lives?


Die Bedeutung der


in Unserem


Key essay:

Essential Global Concerns”,

What should be the most essential concerns of our world at this time

– regarding risks and also opportunities 



Geschichte der Fa. Siemens  

in den USA

1847 to 1988


The Spontaneous
Origin and
of Cultures and Civilizations.
Peru, Ecuador 

Decline and Loss of Indigenous Cultures;

Example Amazon 

Henry Villard
his biography 

Woodrow Wilson

on the

World Stage


On the Peace Conference 
of  1919

Der 2. Weltkrieg

und Judenverfolgung

speziell aus

deutscher Sicht und

persönliche Erlebnisse


Untergang des






“Culture” and Migration

The anchors of culture

and the influence of migration?


 Islam:  The
Muslim World and
the West


Can Islam Shine Again?

For the benefit

of the World

2 Steps


A Presidential Candidate’s Introduction”

A proposal what a US presidential candidate in 2016 could have said


American Democracy

Key points to improve our Democracy

(to be released soon)


A Suggested Evolving Political World Structure

Status and concept for the World’s political structure (to be released soon)


The artistic expression

of observations,

parabolical stories,
visions, and

personal events ....


32 short stories are 
available in 3 languages.

Select from:
German - Deutsch
French - Français

and several
short stories 
Pierre Decey
on French rail roads

„Personal Conclusions and Appendix“
Why these essays were written, their summary & applications, 
a personal conclusions, and the author's key message


Introduction, Overview, Conclusions

Why these essays were written, their key messages, their possible conclusions.


Essential Writings, “Our Journey Through Time

          The Key Essays Summary  -  this Websites Contribution  -  the Author’s Legacy

Cosmic origin, natural evolution, the human mind, meaning and direction of life,

guidance, support, practical advice, then aging and death, the future of mankind



Science & Evolution

Key Essay:  “The Origin, Evolution, and Future End of the Universe


Evolution:  Understanding Our Physical and Mental  Existence

1. Cosmogony, Cosmic Evolution, Evolution of Earth

2. Origin of Life, Genomics, Proteomics, Natural Evolution 
3. The Origin, Evolution, and Function of the Human Mind

4. Origin and Evolution of Societies and Cultures
5. "Intelligent Design Theory" vs. Natural Evolution

6. Extra-terrestrial Intelligence? Cosmo-Psychology?

7. The Future, the End of Humanity and the Universe

8. Closing Comments

What happened in time and space to let humans with their minds appear on Earth -and possibly other intelligent beings on other celestial bodies?
What does the future hold for mankind, for the universe? How will it all end? 

What does it all mean?

An overview of the main phases of on-going evolution and

commentary on special aspects of our existence.

For easier reading also available as 8 separate essays


Brain & Mind:  The Human Mind, Creativity, Ethics, Personality, Art

How the Human Mind, Mental Creativity, Ethical Behavior, Personality, and Appreciation of Art are anchored in Neurophysiology, Biochemistry, Psychology, and One's Own Thought. 

Including the following eight essays: 

          Key Essay:                                             *

          "The Origin, Evolution and Function of the Human Mind

- Emotions, Memory, Recognition, Visualizations 

- Thought, Intelligence,  Creativity, Ethics, Personality, Art 
- Consciousness, Free Will, "Soul"?, Spirituality, Religion


"The Brain, the Mind: Creative Thought" -- A theory for the understanding of mental creativity in terms of neurophysiology and cognitive psychology, 1994 – written for more general interest.

Read also:

"The Brain, the Mind: Mental Creativity" -- A theory of mental creativity in terms of neurophysiology and cognitive psychology, based on four basic hypothesis (abbreviated 2nd version of "Creative Thought"), 2000
-- written in more scientific terms.

"Brain, Mind: Ethics: "Ethical" or "Moral" Thought and Decision Making" General overview in terms of evolutionary biology, history, neurophysiology, psychology, philosophy, religion, modern standards, and education

"The Brain, the Mind and Ethics" -- Ethical thought and behavior as anchored in neurophysiology, psychology, culture and thought, 1996-2000. 

Ethics: The Structure of “Ethical” and “Moral” Thought

An Overview in terms of Types of Ethical Thought, their differences, and applications in practical life.


"Brain, Mind: Human Personality's Stability, Variability, and Multiplicity" -- An Analysis of "Personality" based on neurophysiology, biochemistry, and psychology – with emphasis on the importance of the “Multiplicity of Personality Expressions”

"Aesthetics, Art, Culture"  -- An analysis of the concepts of aesthetics, art, and culture. -- Why does the human mind respond?  How is value assessed? Uses and abuses of art.

About Old Age

The perception from the inside – descriptively and prescriptively

Cicero’s “De Senectute” in a modern view

Special Topic:
"Battle Fatigue, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" -- An Analysis of "Battle Fatigue" and "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" based on neurophysiology, biochemistry, and psychology – with emphasis on mitigation. 


Philosophy & Theology:

Meaning of Life and Truth in Religion- Science, Philosophy, Theology



The Basic Questions of Human Existence

– Meaning, Purpose, Peace of Soul and Strength to Act

 – The Search for Truth in Religion

– An Analysis of the Phenomenon of "Religion".



The Modern Meaning of the Beatitudes (Die Seligpreisungen)


Closing Observations: “Eternity Views Life on Earth”

Together eleven essays:


"Meaning of Life, Purpose, Direction

- The perspectives of science and religion, tempered by practical experience and human sensitivity


Sinn des Lebens

Sinn der Existenz, Persönliche Ausrictung, Werte


"Theology in the Light of Astrophysics and SETI

- A critical review of Christian theology in the light of advances in astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration. 
- A concept of theology with validity in the universe.
- A new understanding of the meaning of life, purpose, and one's own direction to pursue.

 Lesen Sie diesen Aufsatz auch auf Deutsch.


The Historic Jesus:

in a Geographic and Historical view


Religion:  What Is Religion?  What Should Religion Be?

- What is the origin of religions? What provides the stability, change, or evolution of religions? 
- What would be a beneficial approach to the question of religiosity? 
- Would other "conscious" extraterrestrial beings have any religion? What is "cosmotheology"? 

       "Intelligent Design Theory - Plan and Meaning vs. Natural Evolution - Conclusions"

- The concept of "Intelligent Divine Design"
- The answer of Science to "Intelligent Design"
- The concerns of Theology with "Intelligent Design"

Do the Biblical Beatitudes Have Meaning in Our Lives?


Die Bedeutung der Seligpreisungen in Unserem Modernen Leben


„Meditations or Prayers“

for believers or non-believers.

These meditations, as prayers for believers, are an attempted search for the spiritual essence of the universe, for the “Structure Providing Essence of Existence”, in greatest admiration and reverence – and to derive direction or support for our lives..


„Meditationen oder Gebete“ (deutsch)

Für Gläubige oder Ungläubige

Die Meditationen sollen versuchen, wie Gebete für Gläubige, sich zur Geistigkeit des Universums, zur „Struktur gebenden Essenz der Existenz“ zu erheben – in größter Bewunderung und Ehrfurcht – und Richtung oder Halt davon abzuleiten.


Joy in Life, Art, and Culture

A collection of stories from several individuals about great moments of Joy in their lives..



Meaning of Life

Eternity Views Evolution and Life on Earth

Concluding Observations:

Does the Ultimate Spiritual Essence, “Eternity” or “God”, observe evolving life on Earth – whether with “pleasure” or with “interest”?  What should be our human role or direction during our life on Earth? What should be our personal goals to provide meaning to our lives?


(auf Deutsch:)

Sinn des Lebens:

“Gott schaut auf die Evolution und uns Mnschen auf Erden“

Abschließende Betrachtungen


History and Politics: Six essays resulting from chance encounters with historic material, specific observations, and research. 


Essential Global Concerns

What should be the most essential concerns of our world at this time

– risks and also opportunities



Geschichte der Fa. Siemens in den USA

Seit deren Gründung 1847 bis 1988


The Spontaneous Historic Origin and Evolution of Cultures and Civilizations:  Example:  Peru and Ecuador"
How did the cultures and societies on Peru's and Ecuador's coast originate? 

How and why did cultures and societies anywhere else on Earth originate?


Decline and Loss of Indigenous Cultures – Example Amazon


"Henry Villard, 1835-1900" -- The life, accomplishments, failures, and legacy of the famous journalist, industrialist and abolitionist – the builder of what is now the historical part of the Palace Hotel (formerly the Helmsley Palace) in New York. This biography includes some newly discovered material -- some of it significant, some amusing.

"The Paris Peace Conference 1919: Woodrow Wilson, Hankey and Mantoux" -- A critical discussion and comparison of certain records of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and the "Papers of Woodrow Wilson", based on source material. This essay indicates the need for the complementing use of both sources, Hankey and Mantoux.


Der 2. Weltkrieg

und die Judenverfolgung

speziell aus deutscher Sicht

und von persönlichen Beobachtgungen oder Erlebnissen


Der Untergang des Schlachtschiffes “Bismarck” 1941


“Culture” and Migration

The anchor of culture in territory or in social cohesion

--  and the influence of migration


"Islam: The Muslim World and the West" -- Perpetual Jihad or Mutual Accommodation, Confrontation or Idea Exchange, Mutual Fundamentalism or Gradual Reform -- An Analysis and a Proposal for an Approach

“Can Islam Shine Again?”

Islam is involved in practically all violence and cruelty on Earth at this time.  A new analysis of the origin of Islam can

indicate the necessary “evolution” opening new perspectives

and a constructive project for the young Muslim men.



“A Presidential Candidate’s Introduction”

The 2916 presidential election in the USA required the introduction of the candidates.

Here is a proposal what a candidate could have said


American Democracy

Key points to improve American Democracy

and that of other countries

   (to be released soon) 


A Suggested Evolving Political World Structure

Status and concept for the World’s political structure (to be released soon)



Schwab-Stories:  The Sparkling Chandelier:

                             (33 American Short Stories and Others)

Laugh or Cry, but Love – Comedy or Tragedy, but always Empathy


"The Mirror"

"Tiger Joe" .

"The Raritan River Ferry"

"Spring in Princeton"

"Happy Wildlife in Princeton"

"Two Lives" .

"The Wall"

"The Colorful Ball"

"The Door"

"Jesus of Nazareth" .

The Moment of Light that Came and Went

"The Death of the Taliban Fighter"


           "and then, the sounds of an Aria!"       .



.          .

             "The Phantom of the Internet"

.           .

            "Fortune comes,  Fortune goes"

                "The Very Short Life of a Tiny Fly"

            “Guiding Lights in My Life


The Dark Stories:


      .     “The Lady’s Birthdays


           “The Last One is Just a Loner


          “The End


          “The Ox


          “The Ant


          “Bright Light Followed the Dark Night


The Light Stories


       „Music in the Air“


       “The Sparkling Chandelier”


       “Moments of Joy”


      “Be Content- Conquer Mountains – or simply find a Coin on the Street


      “The Journey of a Water Molecule”      


       “Farewell to Earth”


Postscript Stories:


     „The Journey to Paradise Island


    “The Always Friendly Elderly Lady


     “Our Life as Seen from Eternity



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Biographical Note:


Helmut Schwab’s academic training was in the fields of physics and mathematics. He worked in the aero-space and electronics industry – initially in research and development, later in business-related executive functions. For the last twenty years, he has concentrated some of his work on the scientific understanding of our cosmological, biological, and human existence, specifically of the human mind and behavior in terms of neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, cultural influences and own thought – with special consequences in the fields of philosophy and theology. He has also pursued some historical and sociological/political studies – and has written some short stories. | © 2003 H. Schwab