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Introduction, Overview, Conclusions


Essential Writings:

Our Journey Through Time and Existence

this Website’s Contribution, the Author’s Legacy

Science & Evolution: Evolution: Understanding our Physical and Mental Existence –

Origin, Evolution, and Functioning of the Universe, Earth and Moon

Origin and Evolution of Life,

Origin, Functioning, and Evolution of the Human Mind,

Origin and Functioning of Societies

 – and the Future End of All
Brain & Mind: Origin and Function of the Human Mind,

Mental Creativity,

Ethical Thought and Judgment,

Personality – and its Multiplicity,

Art and Aesthetics,

About Old Age

-- and: Battle Fatigue
Philosophy & Theology: the Meaning of Existence, of Life, Purpose, Values, Direction to Follow;

Religion, what is it, what should it be?
Theology in the light of Astrophysics;

“Intelligent Design" Theory:  A Critical Analysis

Do the Beatitudes still have meaning in modern life?

Meditation or Prayer – for Believers or Nonbelievers
History: A Biogrphy of Henry Villard

Essay on the Paris Peace Conference 1919

Islam: the Muslim world and the West

The Origin of Cultures and Civilizations

Decline and Loss of Indigenous Cultures

The Essential Global Concerns of Our Time
Schwab-Stories: 24 Short Stories! -- and Others

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